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Pocahontas was born on 1.595, and she was an American Indian Princess.
Pocahontas was her nickname because she had three names.
She was a princess because her father was such an important man. When she was a girl she was interested in meeting the colonists who lived in Jamestown. Then she could speak a little English. When Pocahontas grew up, the colonists and the Native were not so friendly, then she was kidnapped and held hostage by the colonists, they planned to exchange Pocahonats for English prisoners.
Whilen she was a prisoner she was renamed Rebecca and then, she married a tobbaco planter called John Rolfe with him she ahd a baby and his name was Thomas.
Finally all people loved Pocahontas, she was a brave and nice girl.
She died in England because in a travel she felt evry sick and a few days later, she died.


Lionel Andrés Messi was born on the 24th of June 1987 in Rosario (Argentina). he lived with his mum and his father, Celia and Jorge and his two brothers Rodrigo and matías and his sister Maria Sol. When he was five years old he started playing football, when he was ten he made a leap to the club River Plate in Buenos Aires, he had a delay in bone development caused by low levels of growth hormones and emdical treatment was very expensive, clubs could not cope with it and his father did not have the financial resources needed. in September 2000 Leo performed a test on the Barcelona FC with the coach Carles Rexach who was amazed by his talent and joined the football club which paid for the treatment. He played with the “infantil Barcelona FC” and in November 2003 when he was 16, he made hsi dbut with the first team in a match versus Porto FC. At this time he is considered to be the best football player in the world and he owns lots of prizes.


Pocahontas was born in 1595. She was the daughter Powhatan who was the leader of a group of native American tribes. Pocahontas was a princess because her father was an important man. She belonged to the Algonquin tribe. Pocahontas was her nikname. She had three names in total. As an older girl was interesed in meeting the colonists who lived in Jamestown. She could speak some English words. She traded with the white man and carried messages from her father to them. When Pocahontas 17 the colonists and the native Americans were not so friendly. Pocahontas was kidnapped and held hostage by the colonists. The colonists planned to exchange Pocahontas for English prisioners that the native Americans had.

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